How Do You Install a Suspension Lift on a Chevrolet Pick-Up?


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To install a suspension lift on a Chevrolet pick-up, first park the vehicle, and lift it with the jack to enable it to sit on four jack stands under the rear axle and the frame. Then, make sure to unclamp the negative terminal from the battery to prevent electric shock.

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To carry out the task, you need a jack stand, tire iron and a hammer. First, loosen the tire’s lug nuts using an impact wrench or a lug wrench to remove the wheel. Carefully remove the shock from the mount, and use a hammer to tap the shock to ease its removal in case it does not slide. To detach the leaf spring mounts, unscrew the U-bolt along the frame to remove the studs.

Install the suspension lift kit's springs onto the mounting brackets. Use an automotive degreaser or dish soap to clean off the bolts, nuts and springs, and replace any that are worn out. Use the bolts to attach the leaf springs, and attach the U-bolts back on to the car frame.

Following the instructions labeled on the shocks, install them from the suspension lift kit, making sure they mount on the lower point of the car. Securely tighten the nuts and bolts for safety.

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