How Do You Install a Stabilizer Bar?


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To install a stabilizer bar, raise the vehicle onto jack stands and first place the mounting hardware and control arms to the front and back of the vehicle. Install the front bar. While the vehicle is still on the jacks, install the rear bar. Make sure all bolts used are properly tightened to the accompanying mounting hardware and control arms.

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Stabilizer bars, more commonly referred to as sway bars, require the exhaust and shifter to be dropped before installation. Secure the control arms to the front end subframe, and put the bar into place. If it does not fit properly, use the supplied spacer to adjust the length. In some cases, it may be necessary to drill a new set of holes in the bar so it properly aligns with the control arms and mounting hardware. Once the bar is in place, replace the exhaust and shifter before using the mounting hardware to bolt the bar to the undercarriage.

Installation of the rear stabilizer is similar. Place the control arms against the rear subframe, and put the bar into place. If necessary, modify the bar with the spacer to make it fit appropriately. Remove the bar to screw the bar bracket into the unibody. Replace the bar, and mount it with the hardware.

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