How Do You Install Spark Plugs?

How Do You Install Spark Plugs?

To install a spark plug, remove the wire from the existing spark plug, and remove the plug with a spark plug socket. You need a spark plug socket with an extension, electrical or masking tape, and torque wrenches.

  1. Locate the spark plugs

    Follow the thick rubber wires that lead to the engine to find the spark plug locations.

  2. Remove the wire

    Use your fingers to remove the wire from the spark plug on the end.

  3. Prepare the socket

    Check to see that the spark plug socket has a black material inside. If it does not, insert a small amount of tape in the socket.

  4. Remove the first spark plug

    Secure the socket to the ratchet, and then secure the extension to the socket. Place the ratchet over the spark plug, and remove it.

  5. Install the new spark plug

    Insert the wire side of the spark plug into the socket, and place it inside the hole gently.

  6. Secure the spark plug

    Tighten the spark plug by hand, and then use a torque wrench to tighten the spark plug to the proper specification found in your manual.

  7. Return the wire

    Slide the wire over the new spark plug, and ensure it's secure.

  8. Replace the remaining spark plugs

    Repeat the steps to replace the remaining spark plugs one by one.