How Do You Install a Snow Plow?


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To install a snow plow, raise a vehicle with a jack, correctly mount the plow's brackets and cross-members on the vehicle, connect the plow to the battery, connect the control and power cables to the winch, lower the vehicle, and fix the plow to the vehicle. Test the system.

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How Do You Install a Snow Plow?
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Start by finding the weight capacity per axle and curb of the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Assess the plow to determine if it fits the vehicle.

Gather the scraper and plow hardware, including the upper and lower A-frames. Carefully raise and support the vehicle using a jack. Affix the plow's mounting brackets and cross-members to the correct mounting points on the vehicle frame with mounting hardware. Tighten all nuts and bolts, and attach the plow's electrical harness to the battery.

Insert the control cables into the cab via the firewall, and connect the control and power cables to the winch. Lower the vehicle. With the coupling lugs on the mounting assembly, fasten the plow to the vehicle by fixing the ears on the A-frame, and then join the safety chain to the plow lift channel. Raise the channel, connect it to the ear and lug holes, fix the hitch and cotter pins, and connect the hoses. Evaluate the system to ensure it works properly.

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