How Do You Install Skidder Tire Chains?


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The process of installing skidder tire chains involves laying out the chains, attaching them to the wheels at the 7-o'clock and 2-o'clock positions using J hooks, and then advancing the wheel over the chains. Repeat the process until the chains are firmly attached at all points, and then drive a short distance before inspecting and tightening them as needed.

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Before purchasing or installing tire chains, ensure that they are legal and permitted on area roads. Purchase chains that are well suited for the weight of a vehicle. Chains that are improperly selected or installed may cause extensive damage to vehicles. Prior to installation, inspect the chains for rough edges that may cause harm to tires. Chains typically come with manufacturer's instructions that detail specific installation steps, although the basic process is similar for most types of skidder chains.

Select an area that offers flat terrain, and only install chains on the drive wheels of a vehicle. For safety reasons, accelerate and decelerate slowly during installation when advancing the vehicle over the tire chains. Refer to the manufacturers specifications in order to find the recommended driving speeds, and never drive on chains that have broken or become loose. Remove chains after clearing snow or ice to prevent causing damage to roads.

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