How Do You Install a Serpentine Belt?

Install a serpentine belt by removing the upper fan shroud, removing the old belt, threading the new belt around the pulleys and moving the tensioner to slide the belt over it. Turn off the engine prior to installation.

  1. Remove the upper fan shroud

    Most fan shrouds include an upper and lower piece. Look for bolts that hold the piece in place, remove them and then lift the shroud out of the way.

  2. Remove the old belt

    If the old belt is still on the engine, turn the tensioner to loosen the belt enough to slide it off the pulley. Remove the belt from the other pulleys of the engine.

  3. Thread the new belt through the pulleys

    Manufacturers design the engine so the belt must thread through the pulleys in the right order to work correctly. The flat side of the belt should turn flat pulleys, and the ribbed side should turn ribbed pulleys. If you find threading the belt difficult, refer to the diagram attached to the engine compartment or in the owner's manual.

  4. Turn the tensioner

    Attach an appropriately sized socket over the bolt on the tensioner. Turn the unit to provide enough slack to slide the belt over the tensioner pulley. Once the belt is in place, release the tensioner, and remove the socket. Replace the fan shroud.