How Do You Install Saddlebags on Your Motorcycle?

To install saddlebags on a motorcycle, remove the seat of the vehicle, position the saddlebags appropriately on either sides of the seat, and dangle the yoke or straps of the bags over the frame of the seat. Finally, replace the seat.

To remove the seat of the motorcycle, unscrew the screws that hold the seat on the frame. The screws should be present at the front and rear ends of the frame. Gently push the seat towards the front and then towards the back to take out the brackets of the keyhole and the rear tank.

Position the arch straps or yoke of the saddlebag over the frame of the motorcycle seat. Throw-over saddlebags normally are positioned over the bike's shocks, but make sure that the bag does not sit very near to the wheels. Also, ensure that the straps are aligned so that they do not hinder the placement of the seat on its frame.

If required, re-thread the ties of the yoke. To do this, mark the position where the yoke sits on any of the motorcycle's hardware and the areas where the ties of the yoke overlap with a marker. Then, lay the saddlebag on the ground with the yoke over a book. Line up the markings. Check if the available holes are aligned. If not, make holes in the yoke as required, and fasten them with a leather strip. Position the saddlebag again on the seat frame, and screw the seat.