How Do You Install RV Skirting Installation?

How Do You Install RV Skirting Installation?

Hang EZ Snap skirting by fastening the product to the side of the RV and cutting it to fit. When installing RV skirting using EZ Snap, the installer needs a tape measure, a sharp pair of scissors and a marking pencil. Screw-in style studs also require a power drill, and 3M peel-and-stick adhesive studs need isopropyl alcohol, notes

To install EZ Snap RV skirting, use the following steps.

  1. Install the studs
  2. Place a fastener at every point that the fabric will go around an object, plus one every 10 inches between those points. Attach the studs. Do not over-tighten screw style studs. If using adhesive studs, clean the area with alcohol beforehand. Use a small dab of silicone to seal the hole.

  3. Snap on pins
  4. Snap the pins onto the installed studs. There is an audible click when the pin is fully inserted.

  5. Position the skirting
  6. Roll out the skirting material along one side of the RV. Cut it to the desired length. Fasten it in place by pushing it straight down onto the pin, pushing it all the way through. Cut away excess fabric, leaving half an inch of space between the fabric and the pin.

  7. Lock in place
  8. Lock the fabric in place by snapping caps onto the pins. Push the fabric all the way down to the base of the pin to allow the cap to lock in place.