How Do You Install RV Awning?


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To install RV awning, measure where you want the awning to attach to the RV, set the awning railing in place, and secure it using screws. Unroll the awning, and place the upper awning arms in their positions. Use the tension knobs to adjust the tension while holding the awning taut. Place the support legs in the correct location on the ground, mark those spots, install bottom brackets there, and attach the support legs to the brackets.

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Be careful not to tighten the screws that hold the support railing in place too much, as this may weaken the strength of the whole structure. Don't use a power drill for this task. You may be able to attach the bottom legs of the structure by staking them into the ground, but using bottom brackets is going to make the structure more steady and reliable.

To extend the life of the awning, obtain and install an awning deflapper. Place this structure halfway along the awning to prevent the awning fabric from tearing during heavy wind. Install tie-downs and stakes to provide additional support. Using silicon spray to lubricate the hardware that holds the awning in place also makes the awning last longer.

Set one side of the awning higher than the other to prevent rain from collecting on the fabric. Clean the fabric regularly using special cleaners to prevent it from being destroyed by mildew.

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