How Do You Install Running Boards in Your Vehicle?


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To install running boards, check the truck frame for pre-drilled holes. If there are none, mark and drill appropriately, bolt on the hangers, attach hanging straps and attach the running boards. Get the running boards that are designed to fit your specific model of vehicle.

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Examine the body frame because many trucks come with pre-drilled holes to install aftermarket running boards. If there are none, use a vise grip to clamp the end of a hanger in place on the bottom of the side rail. With a metal bit, drill a hole up through the hole in the hanger into the bottom of the side rail. Repeat this process for all of the hangers in your kit.

Bolt the hangers to the frame in the correct position, making sure to insert the rubber pad provided between them and the truck body to avoid metal-to-metal wear. Bolt one end of the hanger straps to each of the hangers. Set the running board on the hanger's "Z" shaped holders. Squeeze the hangers closed with the vise grips, making sure they are fully compressed.

Bolt the straps to the holes in the top of the running board frame that is underneath the truck. Then bolt the bottom of the running board frame to the bottom holes in the hangers.

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