How Do You Install Running Boards in a Truck?


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To install running boards in a truck, drill mounting holes in the truck, fit the running boards in their respective places of installation, hold them in place with mounting screws, and test them by exerting weight on them. However, this procedure may vary depending on the type of running boards.

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Examine the running boards by lining them up to ensure that they fit in the truck. Suitable running boards should snugly fit the area of installation. Drill mounting holes in the place where you intend to install the running boards, in case the holes are not already drilled. To do this, hold the board against the area of installation in the truck, mark the mounting holes, set down the running board, drill holes through the marked spots with a power drill fitted with a suitably-sized drill bit, and repeat the process for the remaining running boards.

Once all the mounting holes have been drilled, hold the running board in place, align the mounting holes, and secure the board in place with mounting screws. Repeat the process for the remaining running boards, climb on the running boards to test their stability, and then tighten the mounting screws further to reinforce any loosely attached running boards, if necessary.

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