How Do You Install a Replacement Tail Light Lens?


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To replace a tail light lens, start by removing any visible screws around the tail light. If there are no visible screws, look for screws hidden underneath a panel in the car's trunk directly behind the tail light or screws concealed in the lift-gate side of the tail light. Remove those screws and carefully remove the tail light assembly from the car; the car wiring prevents you from removing the tail light completely.

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Look for small plastic tabs that keep the tail light lens attached to the tail light assembly. Depress these tabs to remove the broken lens. Pop the new tail light lens into the empty space, making sure that the tabs snap into place. Replace the tail light assembly, and screw it into place.

When purchasing a new tail light lens, buying an original equipment manufacturer part guarantees that the part comes directly from the manufacturer. However, if you prefer to purchase a less expensive third-party tail light lens, be sure to verify that the part is certified by the Certified Automotive Parts Association to ensure it fits your car.

When replacing the tail light lens, consider replacing the tail light bulb if it is older than two years. To replace the tail light bulb, remove the existing bulb after you remove the old tail light lens. Then apply some dielectric grease to the bulb base, and place the bulb into the tail light socket.

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