How Do You Install a Replacement Dashboard in a Dodge Truck?


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To install the replacement dashboard in a Dodge truck, remove the front panel, radio, stereo box and gauge cluster, disconnect all the wiring, take out the dashboard, and replace it with a new one. Finally, reassemble the wiring and other dashboard components.

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To prepare the dashboard for removal, gently pull it to disengage the retainer clips. If the Dodge truck is an old model, unscrew the screws on the lower side of the dashboard. Disconnect the wiring, and unplug the accessory switches. If necessary, position the steering wheel downward or remove it to take out the front panel. Unfasten the bolts to take out the stereo box, pull the radio out, and unplug the adaptor. Unscrew the gauge cluster and speedometer.

Loosen the dashboard by releasing the windshield bolts counter-clockwise. Disconnect the wiring harness, air conditioner ducts and control module, lighting and glove box. Manipulate the dashboard out via the passenger door.

Next, position the replacement dashboard by lining it up with the windshield bolts, and tighten the bolts clockwise to affix the dashboard to the firewall. Reassemble the connections of the AC control, wiring harness, glove box and lighting, as well as the components of the dashboard such as the radio and stereo box. Finally, replace the gauge cluster and speedometer, and press the retainer clips to reattach the front panel of the dashboard.

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