How Do You Install a Replacement Dashboard?

How Do You Install a Replacement Dashboard?

To install a replacement dashboard, detach the steering wheel, glove box and instrument cluster on the old dashboard. Remove the screws, and disconnect the connections. Gently pull the old dashboard out, and install the new one. Assemble the various units of the dashboard, replace the screws and restore connections.

Begin installing a replacement dashboard by disconnecting the car's battery. Remove the air vents, panels and screws on the old dashboard. Undo the instrument cluster connections to take it out. Detach the trim pieces that run from the dashboard to the vehicle's ceiling.

Undo any screws and bolts that secure the old dashboard. Using a screwdriver with a flat head, gently pry it out of position, and then tug it out. Do this carefully to avoid breaking any plastic components. Place the old dashboard on a flat surface, and remove its brackets and clips for reusing on the replacement piece. Unscrew the VIN tag, and fix it on the replacement dashboard.

Position and slide in the replacement dashboard in the vehicle. Replace the screws and bolts to secure it in place. Reassemble the glove box, air vents and the steering vehicle. Reconnect the instrument cluster connections, and screw the cluster in place.

Finally, reconnect the car's battery, and test if various devices on the dashboard are functional.