How Do You Install a Replacement Convertible Top?

How Do You Install a Replacement Convertible Top?

To install a replacement convertible top, detach the wire-on, the weather strips on the side rail, and one end of the side cables. Then, remove the metal bars, the well liner and the staples to loosen and remove the existing top. To attach the replacement top, position it appropriately, and use bolts, contact cement and staples to secure it.

To remove the existing convertible top, raise it mid-way, and take out the bow header wire-on. Unscrew the metal straps over the top's edge and the weather strip. Remove one end of the tension or side cables, and pull them through the pockets of the top's edges to position them across the car's interiors.

Unscrew the other bows, push the metal bars from their pockets, raise the car's top fully and latch its front. Now, remove the rear bow's wire-on, detach the well liner from inside the car, and unbolt and remove the tack rail. Then, take out all the staples that secure the top, and detach it from the car.

Begin installing the replacement convertible top by pulling the tension cables via the pockets. Bring the frame of the convertible top to the raised position, and lock its front. Position the new top over the frame so that its quarter flap seams are aligned with the frame's edge.

Stretch the top's rear over the tack strip, and staple. Re-bolt the rear tack strip, pull the top's side forward, raise it midway and staple the top's front to the front bow. Close and lock the top, and secure the quarter and side flaps in the front, using contact cement. Affix the weather strip.

Replace the wire-on, the well liner and any bolts. Allow the cement to set for a couple of days.