How Do You Install the Remote Control Starter in a Car?


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To install a remote starter in a car, make a schematic drawing of how the starter is to be connected to the vehicle, locate the concerned wires in the car's ignition system, and fuse them with appropriate ones on the starter. Follow the instructions of the remote starter manufacturer.

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Before installing a remote starter in a car, choose a starter kit with the desired features, such as presence of a timer and maximum activation distance. Ensure that the kit contains all the required components.

Then, look for the wiring schematics of the car's ignition system in the owner's manual. Using the instructions given with the starter kit, identify the ignition system's wires that need to be connected to the remote starter. Based on the wire locations, make a schematic drawing of the connections to be made.

Begin the installation by removing the ignition switch. Identify the wires mentioned in the schematic drawing. With a soldering iron, fuse the appropriate wires of the ignition system with that on the starter. Also, connect the wiring for the antenna and LED sensor.

Test the installation for proper functioning. If the vehicle fails to start or the key fob buttons do not respond as required, check if the connections are made and soldered correctly. Repair any mistakes identified and recheck the installation.

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