How Do You Install a Rear Sway Ball?


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Instructions to install a rear sway bar can differ from one vehicle to another, but the general steps involved are to release the brackets and end links, detach end links from the OEM sway bar, install the end links onto the new sway bar, put the new sway bar into the car and secure the end links. To finish the job properly, lubricate and install the bushings, and install the brackets over the bushing.

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Gather the proper tools before installing your new rear sway bar. Most sway bar kits only come with the sway bar and the bar's bushings, so it's important to locate these parts before opening up the kit for installation. Proper tools include a lift, a socket wrench and torque wrench, a 6-millimeter hex socket, two 13-millimeter open wrenches, and hair spray or soap and water for lubrication. Begin the process of releasing the old sway bar's brackets by getting under the car and following the sway from the center out until you see the brackets that attach to the body. Remove the bolts from both supports with the appropriate tool.

Upgrading sway bars is often an easy and cheap way to improve the handling performance of a vehicle.

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