How Do You Install a Radio in a Buick Lesabre?

install-radio-buick-lesabre Credit: Eric Audras/ONOKY/Getty Images

Installing a radio in a Buick Lesabre is a two-step process that requires the following tools: an inch-pound torque wrench, a socket set, a nut driver set, a memory saver device, and a non-marring interior trim removal tool. Typically, the first step is to remove the old radio, and then install the new radio.

Removing the old radio

  1. First, the car should be placed in park with the steering wheel in the lowest possible position.
  2. Then, the memory saver device should be connected to the vehicle.
  3. Next, the negative battery cable should be removed from its port using a ratchet and socket.
  4. After that, the bezel to the right and left of the dashboard should be removed from the instrument control panel.
  5. Following this, hex-head screws should be removed from the lower portion of the instrument control panel. The interior trim removal tool should be used to pry the panel off the dashboard.
  6. Finally, the harness and antenna should be removed from the radio to completely uninstall it.

Installing the new radio:

After removing the original unit, the newer unit should be connected to the harness and antenna. The unit should be secured using the original screws. After securing the radio, the instrument control panel can be replaced. Then, the battery can be plugged back in, the memory saver device can be removed, and the steering wheel can return to its original position.