How Do You Install a Purolator Fuel Filter?

To install a Purolator fuel filter, locate the filter, release the fuel pressure, disconnect the fuel lines, unscrew the filter mounts, and install the new filter. The exact Purolator fuel filter needed may vary depending on the vehicle's make, model and year. The Purolator website has a search tool to help you find the correct one. The location of the fuel filter in the vehicle may also vary between automobiles.

Locate the fuel filter by following the fuel lines from the carburetor or fuel injection system depending on how your car is equipped. The filter may be in the engine compartment, underneath and along the passenger side, or back by the fuel tank. Consult your vehicle's service manual for the exact location and the procedure to release the pressure in the lines.

With the pressure released, remove the fuel lines from the filter, making sure to note which one is coming from the tank and which one is going forward to the engine. Older-model vehicles may have rubber lines with snap rings holding them on that can be removed with a pair of pliers, while others may have threaded lines that require a flare-nut wrench. Newer-model cars typically have snap-type connectors that require a fuel line wrench to remove.

Remove the screws or bracket holding the filter in place, and insert the new Purolator fuel filter, making sure to attach the correct fuel lines to the marked in and out valves. Fasten the filter in place.