How Do You Install Projector Headlights?


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To install projector headlights, disconnect the battery, remove the front bumper, unscrew the old headlights, detach the wiring harness, pull out the old headlights, place new projector headlights in their housing, and fasten them in place. Reconnect the battery and test the installation. Required tools include screwdrivers and a set of socket wrenches.

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Turn off the engine, open the hood, support it with a hood support rod, and unplug the negative cable of the battery to prevent shock. Unscrew the front bumper and pull it out, taking care not to mar it, and set it aside. Unfasten the old headlights, disconnect all wiring, and remove the headlights.

Dry the interior of the headlights housing with a hair dryer to prevent the headlights from getting foggy. Put the new headlights in place, adjusting them until all the mounting holes align. Loosely secure the headlights in place with mounting screws, and connect the wiring harness according to the user manual. Plug in the battery, and test the lights.

Adjust the headlights if necessary. If the headlights are working properly, disconnect the battery, and tighten them in place. If necessary, clean the surface of the headlights with a shop towel. Replace the bumper, and tightly screw it in place. Plug in the battery.

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