How Do You Install Prodigy Brake Controller Wiring?

How Do You Install Prodigy Brake Controller Wiring?

In order to install brake controller wiring on the vehicle it needs to be connected to the trailer 4-pole harness and routed to the front of the vehicle. All the components required to route the wires from the rear of the truck to the front are including in the Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller kit.

Use these following steps in order to properly wire a Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller.

  1. Connect the 7-way connector
  2. A standard trailer plug has a 4-way connector, that supplies power to the brake lights and turn signals. The 7-way connector allows three extra wires to power the brake controller. Connect the 7-way connector to the 4-way plug using an adapter.

  3. Ground the 7-way plug
  4. Take the ground wire and screw it into the chassis of the vehicle.

  5. Wire the duplex cable
  6. The kit contains a duplex cable that connects to the two remaining wires of the 7-way connector. Use butt connectors to connect the 12-volt and brake wires.

  7. Route the duplex cable
  8. Route the duplex cable from the rear bumper to the engine bay. Be sure to avoid any hot areas under the chassis, or other places that can cut the wiring.

  9. Route the wires inside the cabin
  10. Mount the brake controller inside the car and connect the brake wire to it. Connect to the 12-volt hot lead to the positive post on a battery using a small 30-amp breaker.

  11. Connect the remaining brake controller wire
  12. The last wire will be from the brake controller, which will connect to the brake switch. Find a wire that turns hot when the brake pedal is engaged and splice it into place.