How Do You Install a ProCharger Kit?

How Do You Install a ProCharger Kit?

Install a ProCharger turbocharger kit to your car by disconnecting the battery and some other parts, replacing parts of the engine and putting in the additional parts. As ProCharger makes a wide variety of turbochargers for numerous cars, the exact steps vary from one vehicle to another. All kits come with illustrated installation manuals and the tools needed to install the kit.

Before you begin, you must disconnect the battery and remove various parts such as the coolant reservoir, the crankcase vent tube, the inlet duct, the air filter housing and the MAF sensor. You must also drain about 1 gallon of coolant from the vehicle and remove the upper radiator hose. Refer to the user manual for a full list of engine parts that you must remove.

Raise your vehicle, unplug the existing injectors from the wiring harness, and connect the harness to the new injectors. To attach the turbocharger to the engine, remove the belt from the water pump pulley, and pull the belt to the supercharger pulley. Then remove the point D pins, and tighten the jam nut to lock the bolt in position. Fill the turbocharger with one bottle of oil.

After assembling the intercooler, use the provided clamps and hose splices to install its hose sections to the cooling lines, and then tighten the lines. With the intercooler in place, attach the power steering cooler bracket to the tab on the bottom of the intercooler. Install all hoses and clamps, and bolt the provided tube support bracket to the inner fender on the passenger's side.

Raise the vehicle, and replace the fuel pump with the one provided in the kit. Check all parts, and fill all fluids to proper levels. Make absolutely sure to refer to the user manual of your supercharger.