How Do You Install a Pontoon Boat Enclosure?


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Installing a pontoon boat enclosure requires the tent enclosure, the enclosure hardware, the manufacturer instruction guide and a storage space. For the ideal installation, purchase a boat enclosure that perfectly fits the pontoon boat.

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Every boat enclosure manufacturer has different installation guidelines. Read through the manufacturer instruction manual that comes with the purchased enclosure for detailed steps for installing it. The various types of models have varied installation steps. Some of the varied types include pontoon boat half enclosures, pontoon boat eight-by-eight enclosures and pontoon boat full camper enclosures.

The enclosure set normally comes as a package with the enclosure, frame, marine grade hardware and storage bag. First, install the framework that needs to be permanently mounted using the provided hardware. After installing the framework, put the bimini top and camper top in place. These usually come with pockets that have zippers for easy installation to the framework. Next, fit the side curtains, the front curtain and the stern curtain.

Sometimes, enclosure sets include optional screens and privacy curtains. Install these screens and privacy curtains as desired. Some boat enclosures may have a couple of boat snap challenges, so ensure that you snap the boat enclosures appropriately to withstand pressure. For improved reliability, use directional fasteners during installation.

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