How Do You Install a Pioneer Car Stereo in a 2014 Honda Accord?


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To install a Pioneer car stereo in a 2014 Honda Accord, write down the original stereo radio security code and raise the hood. Use a wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery’s negative terminal.

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Uncover the screws at the bottom of the armrest under the plastic door to remove the center console. Unscrew the screws underneath the drink holder and remove the cup holder by sliding the console backwards. Remove the screws at the back of the shifter trim to get the ashtray out of the dash. Make sure you remove the screws at the opening’s back. Pull from the back of the gearshift to get the panel trim wrapping around the radio.

Remove the entire trim piece by unsnapping the trim where it meets the dashboard from the top. On the dashboard below the head unit, unscrew the metal securing the tray pulling the stereo assembly out of the dashboard. Plug in the adaptor cable harness, and connect the new head unit into the original wire harness. Slide the assembly into the dashboard by snapping the adapter into the new stereo back.

Make sure you test the newly installed stereo for proper functioning before securing it back to place. Replace all trim pieces to enjoy the improved sound.

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