How Do You Install Outboard Fuel Tanks?


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To install an outboard fuel tank, first position it securely using a stainless steel hold-down kit. Loosely attach two hose clamps onto the fuel fill hose. Trim the hose appropriately according to the distance to the deck fill point. Tighten the second clamp, making sure to leave an 1/8-inch gap between it and the first clamp. Use a split ring lock washer and screw to attach an earth end ground wire to the terminal at the tank's bottom.

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Attach the vent hose by placing a hose barb in the vent of the tank, being careful not to tighten too much. Place a clamp onto the hose, and leave it loose. Make sure there is enough room between the through-hull vent and tank to prevent the hose from kinking. Tighten the clamp at least 1/4 inch from the end of the hose. In the same manner, attach the fuel withdraw hose into the tank's fuel withdraw. Use a compound at the end of both of these hoses that is resistant to both gasoline and diesel to prevent leaking.

Check for leaks in the hoses by increasing the tank's pressure to 3 pounds per square inch. Using soapy water, carefully check for air bubbles around the hose connections. If any are found, more compound may be needed.

Install the wiring. Connect the fuel gauge and the screw terminal on the fuel sender with the connect sender wire, and secure with a nut and washer. Place a grounding wire on the fuel sender's fasson terminal.

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