How Do You Install New Rims on a Truck?


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To install new rims on a truck, first make sure that your wheels are the correct size for your truck. Replace original wheels with rims that have an equal or greater load capacity to ensure vehicle safety.

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While wider wheels improve vehicle traction, they can affect the performance of your truck. Large wheels require larger, more expensive tires, so decide how much you are willing to spend on new tires before choosing rims. One way to determine rim size is to use an online tire calculator, which takes the make and model of your truck into consideration. Choose rims that match your vehicle's bolt pattern and the size of the center bore. Decide whether a one-piece, two-piece or three-piece wheel is right for you.

Collect the tools you need to change the wheel. These include a floor jack, jack stands, a breaking bar, a drive socket set with larger sockets, wheel chocks, a torque wrench and a large hammer. Stabilize the truck by setting chocks behind the wheels. Next, lift the truck using the floor jack. For safety, always use a jack on a flat surface. Make sure the vehicle is secure on the jack before proceeding. Remove the lug nuts, and pry off the old wheel. To install the new wheels, reverse the process of removing the wheel. Always check that the lug nuts are securely in place before driving on the new rims.

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