How Do You Install a New Liftgate on a Jeep Cherokee?


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To install a new liftgate, begin by removing the trim panel to the liftgate, which is attached by a few screws, plastic fasteners and springs. Raise the liftgate carefully, remove the screws and set them aside, and then disconnect the rear window defroster wires. There are several plastic fasteners keeping the trim panel secured to the liftgate. They are somewhat fragile, so keep a few spares nearby in case you break one during the removal process.

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To access the liftgate itself, remove the insulator cover, and disconnect all of the appropriate wires. There are defrost connectors, a metal actuator rod and several other components that need to be removed for a total replacement. Unscrew the lock actuator, and remove all of the components carefully before setting them aside or discarding them. To reinstall, simply set all of the appropriate components into their corresponding slots and placements.

When the system is back in place, carefully secure the covers back over the liftgate. Put the trim panel over the liftgate, and secure the plastic fasteners back into place. Make sure they lock in straight and are not damaged by the removal process. Secure the connectors and screws back into place, and make sure that they were not damaged by the replacement. Take a step back and look over the surface to make sure everything is aligned before using the liftgate again.

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