How Do You Install a New Jeep Soft Top?

How Do You Install a New Jeep Soft Top?

To install a new Jeep soft top, install the top frame, position the top part over the vehicle, and attach it to the frame on the front and back side from within the Jeep. Then, install the front, rear and side windows. Finally, attach the top to the hardware frame over the doors on the passenger and driver's sides.

Begin installing a new Jeep soft top by affixing and locking the various parts of the top frame. Ensure that the top is connected adjacent to the windshield and along the Jeep's side via a runner. To lock the frame, just snap it into place.

After positioning the top part over the vehicle, position its plastic runner inside the retainer located on the windshield's front. Stretch the fabric, and snap the top's back corners to the Jeep's rear side. Avoid ripping the top when stretching it.

To attach the side windows, zip them to the top, and put the plastic inside the retainer. To install the back window, zip it to the top, and position the tailgate retainer on the window.

To affix the front windows to the half doors, position the three pins in line with the door grommets. Apply gentle pressure on the window to secure it, and shift the corner fabric towards the door's outside. Secure the window using the plastic retainer.

Once the soft top is snapped to the frame, check all attachments, retainers and zippers for proper installation.