How Do You Install a New Headlight?


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To install a new headlight, locate the bulb holder, pry the headlight bulb, unfasten the headlight from its housing, install a new headlight, and fix a headlight bulb in place. Test your work. Wear safety glasses, closed shoes and appropriate gloves while working.

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Open the engine compartment hood, and locate the bulb holder at the back of the headlight. Using a paper towel, remove the headlight bulb or unplug the electrical connector. Remove the trim or grill to gain access to screws that hold the headlight housing in place, turn the screws counterclockwise, and pull out the headlight. Unfasten the retainers to remove the headlight if necessary.

Purchase a new headlight of the same size and type as the damaged one from your auto supplies stores. Mount the retainers or fasten screws to hold the new headlight in place. Be sure to place it right side up. If necessary, reinstall the grill or trim.

Plug in the electrical connectors or fix the bulb into the back of the headlight. Make sure that you replace a faulty bulb with a new one. Adjust the headlight if it is not set well. Use a clean rag to clean off any oil spots. Close the hood, and test the headlight.

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