How Do You Install a New CD Player in a Mercedes Benz?


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The process of installing a new stereo or CD player in a Mercedes Benz consists of removing the existing stereo, connecting the wiring to the adapter, attaching the antenna adaptor and power output before mounting the CD player to the console. For safety purposes, always disconnect the negative battery terminal before removing or installing a CD player.

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CD player installation may differ from one model to the next, and not every CD player may fit within the console of every Mercedes. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions before beginning the installation process, and use a faceplate adaptor when mounting a CD player with dimensions other than those of the factory stereo. Remove any dash panels that may block access to the mounting bolts of the existing stereo unit, and use a pair of DIN tools to remove stereos held in place with spring clips.

Some CD players use a harness to simplify the wiring process while other may require the crimping and connection of individual wires. After wiring the CD player, slide the unit into the dash opening. Reconnect the battery terminal, and activate the CD player to ensure proper operation. Reconnect the mounting hardware, and replace any dash panels removed during the installation.

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