How Do You Install a Muffler?


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To install a muffler, lift the vehicle to an appropriate height to access the muffler, remove the existing unit and take out the tailpipe end of the exhaust tubing. Position the replacement muffler over the tubing, secure using muffler pipe straps and replace the tailpipe.

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How Do You Install a Muffler?
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To lift the vehicle, use a car lift. The muffler looks like an oblong container welded to the piping system or held in place using U-bolts or pipe straps. Begin by cutting out the old muffler with a metal-cutting saw. Make the cut perpendicular to the floor so the replacement muffler can be placed snugly into the muffler pipe.

Then, remove the tailpipe of the exhaust tubing from the hanger of the exhaust system and slide the replacement muffler over the hanger. Position the straps of the muffler over the expanded portion of its inlet tube. After placing the new muffler appropriately, tighten the pipe straps using a torque wrench, while maintaining a uniform torque on the nuts. Normally, 30 to 35 pounds of torque is needed when tightening. Ensure that the tightening is even to prevent leaks.

Next, attach the tailpipe to the muffler's open end and replace the hook in the hanger of the exhaust system. Finally, tighten the tubing straps of the muffler for a secure fit.

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