How Do You Install a Motorcycle Throttle Cable?

To install a motorcycle throttle cable, remove the nut that holds the throttle cable to the handlebar's cable assembly, remove the old throttle cable in its entirety, and then place the new cable onto the motorcycle in the same fashion as the old one was removed. This task requires simple tools, including a ratchet.

  1. Secure the motorcycle

    Place the motorcycle in an area that is easily visible. Turn the handlebars in a way that offers the most slack in the throttle cable.

  2. Remove the old throttle cable

    Begin by removing the nut that holds the throttle cable to the cable assembly on the handlebar. This is easily completed using a ratchet. Open the housing, and remove the cable through the threading. Complete this step by removing the nut at the housing near the engine.

  3. Install the new cable

    Begin by attaching the new cable to the housing near the engine and securing it with the nut that was just removed. Feed the cable through all the threads up the frame of the motorcycle until it needs to be connected to the handlebar housing. Connect it to the handlebar housing, and secure the housing with the nut. There should be the same amount of slack in the new cable as there was in the old one.