How Do You Install a Motor Mount?

How Do You Install a Motor Mount?

The first step in installing a motor mount is to ensure the firewall has enough room for you to raise the engine. When raising, avoid tearing any radiator hoses, crimping any air conditioning lines or cracking any of the distributor caps.

Next, secure the engine with a jack and assorted pieces of wood. While jacking the engine, ensure the oil pan is far away, otherwise it may bend and even rupture. Now, loosen the engine from the car's mounting bolts, using a long extension and a universal joint if necessary.

Next, crawl beneath the car, loosen its mount-to-frame bolts, and remove the motor mount, jacking up the engine as needed. Examine the old and new motor mounts side by side. Use this time to transfer drip shields or heat shields from the old mount to the newer one.

Before lowering the engine, thread the mount-to-frame bolts in to make the mount alignment easier. Next, lower the car's engine and tighten all of its bolts fully.

Most vehicles have two engine mounts and a transmission mount. Many front-wheel drive vehicles, however, have a third motor mount in the approximate shape of a dog bone. It is advisable to replace all mounts at the same time, even if only one mount looks broken, because the others are likely overstressed.