How Do You Install LED Lights?


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To install LED lights, prepare the power cable in order to access the wires. Cut the cord to expose the wires so that there is as much cord left as possible coming from the plug.

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How Do You Install LED Lights?
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Using a wire stripper, cut through the molding about 2 inches from the end and remove it, taking care not to pull too hard and break the wire. Untwist the three wires from each other, and take note of the colors. White wires are typically neutral; black wires are hot and green means it is a ground wire. Most, but not all, wires follow this configuration.

Next, strip each wire then place shrink tubing on each of them. A large shrink tube should be placed on the main cable, and a small tube should be placed on the live and neutral wires. Solder each pair of wires together, and slide the shrink tubing up and over the soldered wires. Prep the DC connection, strip the wires to the LED lights, then prep them like the cable.

Connect the positive wire from the power supply to the switch, then connect the LED strips to each other. Plug the cord into the outlet to test that all connections have been made. If the lights do not work, something is not connected correctly. If the lights come on, mount the power adapter, the switch and the lights.

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