How Do You Install a Heat Houser on a John Deere Tractor?


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To install a heater houser on a John Deere tractor, mount the motor housing with U-Bolts or clamps, attach the necessary windshield holder, attach the windshield yoke and assemble and attach the windshield. Heater housers are manufactured to fit specific models of tractors and may vary in assembly procedures. Most units require no special tools or drilling and are attached with standard supplies available at many hardware stores.

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Many tractor models come with various optional front end attachments, such as loader arms. Most heater housers have areas that can be removed to allow for these arms and ensure a form fit around the engine. The engine covers are typically made of a durable canvas that features grommets inserted at the mounting points. The grommets are used to bolt the cover to the engine housing, which works to funnel heat backwards to the cab.

Typically, bars or mounting plates that attach around the driver entrance allow for a zippered or snap-down door. The other side of the driver's compartment has a support bar attachment.

A saddle of the same canvas material is attached to a mounting bar around the front edge of the driver's compartment. The top edge of the saddle has a yoke that runs around the drivers compartment and has slots or bolt holes used to attach the windshield. The windshields come in three pieces that are assembled to make the front and both sides.

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