How Do You Install a GMC Turn Signal Switch?


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Replacement of the turn signal switch in most GMC or Chevrolet trucks involves the removal of the steering wheel, horn and airbag if the vehicle is equipped with one, and is thus a task of moderate difficulty. After removing the steering wheel, disconnect the wiring harnesses before replacing the switch and then reassemble the steering wheel.

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The tools required for replacement of the turn signal switch are a flat blade screwdriver, a 1/4" wrench, a T25 Torx driver and a ratchet with 6mm, 7mm 8mm, 10mm, 21mm and 5/16" sockets. In addition to removal of the steering wheel, the task involves removal of the lower dash panel, the steering column cover and the metal plate under the steering column. To begin, disconnect the battery, disable and remove the airbag, disconnect the horn and remove steering wheel. This may require a steering wheel puller. Remove the lower dash panel, the steering column cover, and the metal plate below the steering column. Remove electrical tape, disconnect the wiring from the turn signal switch and remove the switch. Install the new switch and connect the wiring to it, replacing the electrical tape. Finally, reassemble the dash and steering wheel assembly in reverse order of their removal.

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