How Do You Install GE Automotive Bulbs?


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The process of installing GE automotive bulbs consists of opening the hood or truck in order to locate the back of the lighting assembly, unhooking the wiring and removing the existing bulb through the rear of the assembly, removing the bulb from the housing, and installing the new one. Avoid touching a new bulb with exposed fingers, as skin oil can impair performance and shorten operational lifespan. After testing the bulbs, ensure that all wiring and lighting assemblies are secure.

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The process of replacing headlight or taillight bulbs can differ from one vehicle to the next, so always consult the owner's manual before beginning the process. The owners manual also provides information regarding replacement bulb size and specifications. Replace headlight or taillight bulbs as a set, and gather any tools that may be needed to complete the installation ahead of time.

While accessing the bulb housing may not require any tools at all, some models require a wrench, screwdriver or other specialty tools. Some cars and trucks provide quick and easy access to lighting assemblies, while others offer very little space to work. Always turn the vehicle on to test new bulbs and ensure they have been correctly installed are operating correctly, before replacing the lighting assembly.

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