How Do You Install a Garrett Turbo Kit?


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Installation of a Garrett turbo kit requires inspection of the air cleaner and exhaust manifold, checking the housing alignment, mounting and lubricating the turbocharger, and connecting the air intake and the oil supply lines. If any bolts are missing, a third-party bolt kit is usually necessary.

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Inspect the exhaust manifold and air cleaner, and remove any particulate matter that could become lodged in the turbocharger unit. Check for proper housing alignment by attaching, with two bolts, the turbocharger's exhaust intake to the exhaust manifold flange on the engine block. Rotate the center housing so that the oil inlet and outlet pads mate with the engine. The largest hole is the oil outlet, and it must be positioned at the bottom with its centerline less than 35 degrees off vertical. If it is not, adjustment of the housing position is required.

Remove the turbocharger, and tighten all bolts and V-band nuts to the torque specified, alternating from side to side to avoid cocking of the housing. Bend all locking tabs on the bolt heads in a position that causes them to tighten. Remove the old gasket material from the flange, and inspect the flange and the oil drain for wear or damage. Mount the turbocharger to the engine block using new gaskets and O-rings, and tighten the bolts to the specified torque.

Pre-lubricate the turbocharger through the oil intake. The unit should spin freely. Attach the oil lines and the air intake connection.

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