How Do You Install a Ford Remote Start System?


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Install a Ford remote starter by opening the heat cover and mounting the starter in place. Then, open the hood, and secure the hood pin, threading the starter wire through the heat duct. Thread the red wire to the ignition harness. Solder the wires, and mount and connect the antenna.

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As of 2015, Ford offers a wide range of starter kits for its vehicles. Ford remote starters come with security systems as well as varying types of remote keys. When installing a remote starter, consult its instruction manual to help the installation process along.

Generally, remote starters require three wires to function: a grey wire to power the starter, a red wire, which activates the ignition, and the antenna wire, which receives the wireless signal for the starter's key.

Installing a remote starter requires needle-nose pliers, rubber cement, two 6-inch steel bolts, an adjustable wrench, a soldering iron and electrical tape. The pliers are used to remove the heat cover. The rubber cement is used to secure the remote starter main box in place. The two bolts, tightened with the wrench, act to secure the starter as well. The soldering iron is used to secure the wires in their respective end points. Finally, the electrical tape is used to cover the connections of the exposed wires.

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