How Do You Install a Ford F250 Tailgate?


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To install a tailgate on a Ford F250 pickup truck, first lower and remove the defective tailgate, and then put a new handle through the front of the new tailgate. Once the handle is secure, tighten the holding nuts and snap each rod into place to secure the new tailgate, feeling for spring tension.

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If the old tailgate's handle is broken and it is not possible to lower it, use a Torx bit screwdriver to remove the holding screws located inside the tailgate before grabbing the two holding rods in the center of the exposed assembly and pulling them simultaneously. To remove these two rods, use a screwdriver to push down on the locks attached to the exposed handle. Unsnap these locks and remove the rods by pulling upwards. Use a 10-millimeter ratchet to remove the last holding nuts, keeping the defective tailgate in place. Lift the old handle out through the front, and discard it.

Upon installing the new tailgate handle and securing the holding nuts to keep it in place, snap the holding rods into place, making sure not to use too much force. Pulling any further than necessary causes the tailgate to open. If the newly installed handle is not tight enough, unsnap the rod locks and tighten them before trying again.

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