How Do You Install a Ford F-150 Camper Shell?


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Installing a camper shell on a Ford F-150 takes 5 steps. The steps are spreading out a drop cloth to protect the shell, applying weather-stripping on the rails;setting the shell on the rails, attaching six clamps to the shell, the tightening these clamps on the rails.

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Even though it is advised to have a vehicle dealer install a camper shell, one is able to do it through completing 5 steps. One firstly spreads out a drop cloth, thereby protecting the finish of the shell. One secondly applies self-adhering weather-stripping along the side rails of the topper. One presses the weather-stripping firmly onto the rails which ensures no air pockets between the weather-stripping and rail surface appear that are potentially problematic.

One thirdly opens the truck’s tailgate and then set the camper shell squarely on the rails of the truck. This must be done with the utmost care with regards to alignment so to have no crooked or protruding edges. One must open the hatch of the shell and then close the tailgate of the truck so to test the clearance.

One fourthly opens the truck gate, climbs into the bed of the truck and attaches the six truck cap mounting clamps along the sides of the camper shell. One must ensure that the clamps are evenly spaced allowing the best possible alignment. One finally tightens the clamps with a wrench or screwdriver.

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