How Do You Install Fender Trim?


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To install fender trim, either drill it onto a vehicle or clip it onto a vehicle. The drill method requires screws and a screwdriver, while the clipping method utilizes the included clips that come with the trim.

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Installing fender trim on a vehicle is one of the easiest upgrades to make and doesn't require any professional assistance. Typically, the choice for fender trim is chrome, as it shines bright and adds a nice luster to a vehicle.

Before installing the trim, clean the fender area of any dust or dirt. For the drill method, first place the fender trim in the desired placement. Then, drill holes onto the flange of the vehicle using the trim template's holes as a guide. Next, place screws into each hole of the trim and screw them into the vehicle with a screwdriver. When finished, clean the fender of any dust or dirt once more.

For the clip method, first pass the straight end of the included clip through one of the fender trim's slots. The hook should then be securely joined with the vehicle's fender flange. Next, pull the straight side clip with pliers and bend it 180 degrees toward the fender of the vehicle. To achieve a tight fit, press the clip flat against the fender.

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