How Do You Install an Engine Block Heater?

To install an engine block heater, jack up the car, drain the engine, plug in the heater, and then route the power cord. An engine block heater keeps the engine warm in cold weather, making it easier to start.

To begin the installation, jack up the vehicle to gain access to the engine, and then remove the plastic cover. A cold engine is safer to work with, but a slightly warm engine is easier to disassemble, so keep that in mind before putting the car up on the jack.

To drain the engine, refer to the user manual for the vehicle. In most cases, you must drain the engine by removing the radiator cover and mounting bracket and sliding a pan under the engine before pulling out the drain plug. It is possible to accelerate the drainage by removing the radiator cap.

Plug in the heater when the engine has drained by dropping the male end of the heater's cord into the department of the engine. Lubricate the rod or hole up to the metal clip, and then enter the rod into the hole. The metal clip must face the rear of the vehicle, and there is a snapping noise when the heater is in place. Plug the cord into the rod, and then run the wire harness through the compartment of the engine and out of the grille. When the cord is in the right place, secure it in place with wire ties.