How Do You Install Electric Trailer Brakes?


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To install electric trailer brakes, first loosen the lug nuts on the tires using a tire iron. Use a car lift or a balanced jack to raise the trailer frame. Check to be sure that the trailer is stable before continuing with the brake installation process.

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Remove all lug nuts on the trailer tires, and put them in a safe place. Remove all tires from the trailer frame, and then remove the spindle washer and spindle that are positioned below the hub of the trailer. Look for the plate mount, a square metal piece with four holes at the corners. Determine what brake systems are designed for that side of the trailer before placing them on their appropriate place mounts.

Coat the bearing rollers thoroughly with grease. Inset grease into the hollow part of the trailer, and then attach the rear bearing onto the hub rotor. Insert the outer brake bearing and thrust washer into the hub rotor before tightening the spindle nut using a wrench. Loosen the spindle nut about a quarter-turn. Use fingers to loosen and tighten the nut to a point where it can only be tightened with a tool.

Determine the location of the bleeder valve, and fill the brake coupler of each brake with brake fluid. Attach a tube to the bleeder valve, and place a glass jar below it. Pump the brake coupler manually until air bubbles stop appearing. Install the tires, and test the new trailer braking system.

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