How Do You Install a Driver Side Window?


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Install a driver side window by disconnecting the battery, removing the trim cover, lifting out any remaining glass, placing the new glass in the slot, and reattaching the cover. The exact process varies by vehicle make, model and manufacturer and typically includes all of these steps.

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Disconnect the battery to prevent the possibility of electric shock during the installation process. Remove the trim cover, and its attached electronics, by unscrewing any panels holding it in place or popping out the cover using a flat screwdriver. Finger screws may also hold in the cover on some vehicles. Take out any glass that remains in the slot or any placeholder material, including plastic inserts or dowels that show mechanics where to place the glass. On some models, mechanics may also need to remove the window regulator.

Align the glass with the cranking mechanism and the slot, and drop it into place carefully. The glass rests on the posts designed to help elevate it and lower it, whether the car uses a crank arm or electric window controls, and should slide freely into the slot. Reconnect the window regulator, if necessary, and replace the trim cover along with its attached electronics. Reattach the battery, and test the window to ensure it moves smoothly.

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