How Do You Install a Dodge Truck Bed?


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To install a Dodge pickup truck bed, lower the bed onto the frame, lift the truck, bolt the bed in place, connect the tail lights and attach the gas tank tube assembly. The tools needed for the installation include a set of sockets with extensions, a ratchet, screwdrivers, a floor jack and jack stands. A couple of helpers are required to get the truck bed in place.

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Disconnect the negative battery cable before beginning the installation. Have two helpers lift the truck bed and position it directly over the frame and mounting pads. Have them slowly lower it straight down while you ensure that the fuel tank inlet line feeds into the bed frame correctly and the tail light wires do not get mashed. Adjust the bed alignment if necessary to make sure that the mounting pads are positioned correctly and the mounting holes in the bed are centered over the bolt holes in the truck frame. Insert the mounting bolts from the top down through the frame to hold the bed in place.

Jack up the rear end of the truck, and place it on jack stands. Crawl under the truck, screw the mounting nuts onto the bolts and tighten them securely with the appropriate size socket and ratchet. Locate the plug for the tail light harness, and connect the lights.

Insert the gas tank filler neck into the side of the truck bed, and fasten it in place with three Phillips screws. Screw on the fuel tank cap, and close the door to complete the installation.

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