How Do You Install Dodge Ram Seats?

Installing new seats in a Dodge Ram is a two-person job but can be done with a socket wrench and socket set. It is important to make sure the new seats match the year and model of the vehicle to ensure a proper fit.

In order to install new seats in a Dodge Ram, it is important to first remove the original or old seat. This is a two-person job as the seats are bulky and require lifting. Once the old seat is out, installing the new seat takes only a few steps.

First, align the holes on the new seat's mounting bracket to the holes on the floorboard. Gently tilt the seat forward to connect any wires that may be housed under the seat. They can be connected by attaching to the correct wire harness (the harnesses will click together to ensure proper connection).

Once all the wires are connected, slowly tilt the seat back and realign the holes, Tighten the front bolts only half way, then install and tighten the back bolts. After the back bolts are installed and tightened, finish tightening the front bolts. These steps should easily install a Dodge Ram seat and should allow the seat to adjust and move smoothly.