How Do You Install a Dodge Ram 1500 Radio?


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To install a Dodge Ram 1500 radio, disconnect the grounding cable from the truck battery and reset it away from the battery, then loosen the trim, remove the panel, and insert the new unit in the space. Connect the unit to the existing cable harness and adaptor.

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You need a wrench, trim panel removal tool, and a 10mm socket and drive to complete the installation properly. First, insert the trim removal tool into the pleat between the Ram’s dashboard and the main dash panel. From the dashboard, use a lever to raise the trim panel enough to allow fingers to fit into the opening. Disconnect the wires from its back, and pull the panel from the dashboard until it is completely separate.

Remove the screws from the original radio and disconnect the wire harness at its back. Remove the old unit and put it aside, then install the new unit by connecting it to the original cable harness. If the new unit requires a cable harness adapter, connect it to the original cable harness, then to the adaptor and slip the new unit to the dashboard.

To test the newly installed unit, connect the negative cable to the battery and turn it on. Check to be sure that all functions in the new unit, including the radio and TV functions are working properly, and then fix the unit in the dashboard.

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