How Do You Install a Dodge Block Heater?


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To install a Dodge block heater, remove the core freeze plug from the engine block, install the block heater into the freeze plug hole, and connect the heater to a power source. There are different types of block heaters, but the freeze plug design is the most widely used.

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Locate the freeze plug cap, and remove it by driving a chisel between the edge of the cap and the frame or by drilling a 1/8-inch hole in the center of the cap and removing it with a dent puller. Lubricate the O-ring on the block heater before inserting it into the freeze plug hole, and clean the mating surface thoroughly so the heater plug seals tightly. Connect the electrical cord to a 120-volt outlet.

Block heater installation kits are available at most auto part stores. Pricing may vary depending on the vehicle model and wattage of the unit required. Select the correct wattage for your vehicle's engine. If the unit is too small, it cannot warm the engine properly. If it is too large, it wastes significant amounts of electricity.

For very cold environments, battery and oil warmers are ideal to keep the cranking power of the battery high and the viscosity of the oil low. Battery warmers include either heat pads that sit under the unit or blankets that wrap around it. Heated dipsticks are commonly used to keep the oil flowing.

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