How Do You Install Disc Brakes in Your Car?


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To install or replace disc brakes in a car, start by removing the wheel and taking out the calipers with the hose attached. Install the new rotor and replace the calipers if necessary, then drain all the liquid from the caliper and discard. Attach the brake hose and place new brake pads into the caliper, then bolt the caliper into the bracket and reattach the wheel.

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The tools required to perform the installation include a jack, jack stand, tire iron or breaker bar, wrench and c-clamp. With the parking brake secure and the car on an even surface, loosen the wheel's lug nuts. Elevate the car using a floor jack and fully remove the lug nuts, then slide the wheel off of the hub. After removing the calipers, inspect the brake pads, rotors and hoses for wear. New rotors come with a layer of oil on them that should be cleaned with fuel injector cleaner before being installed.

Use anti-squeal paste to install new brake pads. If the calipers need to be replaced, ensure that the brake fluid reservoir is fully closed, then remove the bolt connecting the brake hose to the caliper. Install the new caliper with the bleeder fittings in the upper position, and attach the brake hose. Make sure that the caliper side pins are clean, then compress the piston.

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